Supportive workplaces

Our Diversity and Inclusion Policy aims to increase and leverage the diversity that exists across our businesses.

We don’t tolerate any form of bullying, harassment, discrimination or vilification, and we actively develop supportive workplaces.

Our priorities follow.

We undertake a range of activities to raise awareness and promote inclusion including training programs in unconscious bias, equal employment opportunity, discrimination, bullying and harassment. We also use workforce reporting to track diversity participation.

We’re improving how we attract, retain and develop women at all levels in CIMIC Group. This includes addressing the challenges associated with relatively small numbers of women entering the engineering trades and professions and ensuring women are represented across diverse areas and in leadership roles. Regular company-wide pay equity reviews are used to proactively close pay gaps based solely on gender, supported by initiatives such as unconscious bias awareness training to empower equitable decision-making. 

With a significant base of our business operating in Australia, we have a specific focus area on opening opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to participate in our business, as well as engaging Indigenous people in other countries – an objective we share with our clients. 

Our training and talent programs develop local leaders and graduates to ensure the future workforce is reflective of the countries in which we operate.